(Unknown number)Hello (Yasmine) who is this? (Unknown number)Nobody (Yasmine) What? (Unknown number) Nothing...I like your smile;) (Yasmine) Seriously who are you creep! (Unknown number) You have very pretty eyes :) (Yasmine) How did you get my number!? Wait alex is this you pranking me? (Unknown number) I saw you at the store yesterday!:) (Yasmine) What The F**k leave me alone! I'm going to call the cops! (Unknown number) you will never find me but I'll always know where you are (Yasmine) SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL WHO THE F**K ARE YOU! (Unknown number) I love you❤ (Yasmine) PLZ LEAVE ME ALONE (Unknown number) Sometimes I sneak in your house and I steal your clothes (Yasmine) OMG I'M GOING TO BE SICK I'M CALLING THE POLICE ON YOU!! (Unknown number) Tonight I'm going to visit you again (Yasmine) AGAIN!?!? OMG (Unknown number) I'm coming! Yasmine puts down her phone Yasmine starts calling the police and the police get to Yasmines house and the cops search everywhere around her house and find a man in her bushes and they said that the man was carrying a 9mm pistol, and a knife 2 months later Yasmine moved states after what happened The End :-) Hoped you enjoyed:-) . Want a part 2 comment below also sorry this story was short.

Story is told by Stitched