"My boyfriend and i had always watched movies together over night's and the day my parents died was one of those nights. "The noght before i couldn't remember mutch just waking up and making breakfast with my mom then hanging out with friends and then with "him" and going hom and went to bed." The morning i woke up and didn't see my mom sitting at her seat and i wen to there bedroom to wake her up and found my mom my dad laying on the ground of there bed dead and had teeth marks all over." That day i was questioned and poked and yelled at but i still didn't know." Then the time faintly came for me to go home and finally be done." But he came and picked me up and said "im taking home and were going to watch a movie and eat icecream" i said "ok". The rest of the ride i thought to my self" hes the best person in world i dont know what I'd do without him" then a feeling stuck i was hungry?" But not that kind of hungry,i grabbed a needle from the bottom of my bag, it was a sewing needle that i had dropped out side my house that day and stuck it in the side of my sholder bag, then why'll he wasn't looking i stabbed my finger deeply, enough to have blood sorta spill out of the puncture, i quickly put my thumb to my mouth and started to suck." I never new why but all my life i had always liked the tangy flavor of blood, we got back and i had already calmed down and stopped the bleeding. We want inside he apartment. My home was still under investigation so when he said home he ment his apartment. We watched a move and fell asleep on the couch and that morning i woke up and fond blood on my hands. But i thought "hes pranking me" he always loved pranks,but thiwas no prank. He was dead at the floor of the couch there lay his lifeless body ripped and torn by teeth marks and i thought "my teeth marks" to my question was why the forward side teeth that sit two ways from my front bucked teeth were deeper than the others. As i was trying to pick him up i decided to throw him in a river that is just outside the town i had so many conflicts with my mind on deciding what to do as i was rolling him into the shag carpet that he lay on four people came out of the shadow of the small hallway of the apartment. "Who are you what are you doing here" i said in a sturnfull manner. The front person can a step closer and pulling of a mask from under a dark sweater. He was a handsome man almost mesmerizing, he said " get rid of ghe body and come for orientation. Then walked closer and handed me a card and said "you'll look beautiful in the dress i picked and its on the table i hope you dont mind its a little showy,but do please come the clan will be waiting for there queen" i looked down and back up but then they where gone. Ever since that day there was always a romantic feeling from my trusty advisor but a good thing no one found his body. It has been 600 years since that day i went "missing" alongside with many new pupils. The ordon vampiric clan will live forever.

Story is told by Happymeal28