Mom that's the last of the boxes. Good job. I know it's hard your grandma was a great lady. Mom can I keep something from her. We don't have alot of room in our house. I know what about the mirror its something that will hang on the wall I can use and have something left of her. You can take the mirror and a box of her books. Thank you mom. Terrie and her mom left grandma's stopped to put some of grandma's stuff in storage. Terrie and her mom made it home. Terries mom helped Terrie get the mirror on the wall it was unusually heavy for a mirror of its size. Terrie and her mom got some pizza sat down and relaxed they tried to get rid of the feeling that something was wrong but couldn't. They thought maby was it just realization that their grandma was gone and not coming back. That night Terrie got dressed for bed she looked at the mirror felt drawn to it. But quickly went went to bed. Allthrough the night Terrie had weird dreams some were just weird but some were violent. One of her dreams was about a cult that killed five wemon,the other about ghosts, the latest about her grandmother. She had dreamt her grandma liked to harm others. Put spells on them curse them. Terrie was very confused by this. Her grandmother had always been a kind gental woman that she'd knew of. Terrie had decided not to tell her mom and to get dressed and help after all moving stuff out of their grandma's house was step one step two would be to get knew wall paper, rugs, curtains,etc. Terrie and her mom worked in the house all day nothing weird happened but Terrie was still trying to figure out why she had those specific dreams in the order that they happened why did she dream of cults killing girls and ghosts and her grandma harming people. Did it mean nothing or something. Terrie could not stop thinking about it so later that night she had decided to go through her grandmother's books. But what she had found would shock her for the rest of her life. Her grandmother had wiccan spell casting books why did she not see these before. As Terrie looked through the box she found a diary slip her grandmother must have hid this casting book inside the diary slip so no one would want to go through it. This raised Terries confusion. Why was her grandmother doing witchcraft was the dream of her grandma hurting people true? Terrie somehow forgot about her first experience with the mirror but soon she would remember . Terrie went to bed but was soon awoken. It was 3AM she her a loud pounding sound she started screaming for her mom Terrie was teen but couldn't get up her mom ran in the room to find her lying in bed Terrie was screaming about the mirror she said it was pounding it was screaming her name. Terries mom heard nothing told her to get up and get some water but Terrie couldn't move her mom called an ambulance they took her to the emergency room she was checked out she had misteryesly broke her hip and the doctors explained that the pounding she heard because she was asleep was her heart and the screaming of her name was her brain telling her to wake up. Terrie did not believe this not after all of the evidence. Terrie decided to tell her mom. Her mom was completely confused but she desided they needed to go to a Terro card reading they brought the book the mirror and a picture of their grandma. The woman told them that their grandmother was a evil witch and was not to be trusted. The mirror was were she'd cast some of the most harmful curses this mirror was cursed with death she said anyone who touched it would die. Terrie started to cry what could we do to stop it. The woman sighed the only true way to break the curse since your grandma is dead would be to go into the mirror and face the consequences of the demons that live with in. The woman desided that They could do it in her old room in the back she entered to the room had Terry sit the mirror on a nail on the wall. The woman said now slowly touch the glass a black hole appeared it started to stretch and out grow the mirror. The woman told her to enter. Terrie did. Terrie walked through the mirror she got colder and colder. Then she was back by the mirror at first she was confused then she heard the woman say you are in the mirror find your grandmother's curse it will hunt you and try to kill you also considering your related so run and run make sure you apologize make it feel sorrow. Then she saw it. It looked straight into her face it saw the fear it calmed for a second then sniffed then a slash of anger crossed its face it rose up and started to run after Terrie was terrified she ran out into the smoke after all she was in a mirror she found her room in the middle of the smoke she ran and hid under her bed although it was tough running with a huge cast on she could barely move but she immediately started apologizeing it slowed down in that moment the words she spoke wernt hers but her grandmother's. The beast came up to her face and layed down. Then she was back in the room with the woman. Well done Terrie you made it out of the mirror. But Terries mom had to do it yet. It took Terrie about 5 hours. Terries mom interned the mirror but at five hours she did not come out. 6,7,8 hours still no mom. After 24 hours it was clear she was not coming back . Grandmas mirror got another inisunt soul. Her mom would never be back later they took a camera through the mirror and found her dead on the ground. The beast forgot Terries grandmas sin. But not Terries mom. Still to this day the mirror exist in CA. USA. The mirror has claimed over 6000 lives to this day. Dont trust every mirror because the last one you touch could be the last thing you touch.

Story is told by Joker