Once a upon a TIME There were three sisters there names were Gabby, Alexa, and Lily Gabby was 5 Alexa was 6 and Lily was 7 they were all very nice except for Lily Lily had a mental condition her condition made her very violent one time Lily dislocated Alexa arm. Alexa and Gabby stayed away from Lily because she was violent she liked to cut up there stuffed animals and break there toys there mom tried to go to a theripest and get Lily therapy but it was no use. One day Lily got a hammer from the garage and smashed the living room window Lily got a huge glass shard with her bare hands while blood dripping from her hand she go's to gabby's room and cuts her in leg while gabby screaming and crying from the pain of the glass Lily was laughing. There mom heard Lily laughing and Gabby screaming and crying she go's to gabby's room and see's blood everywhere and Gabby on the ground and Lily looking down at gabby while laughing there mom grabs Alexa and Gabby and locks them in the bathroom with her and calls 911 (911 operator call) (Operator) 911 what's your emergency? (Lucy\mom)HELP My 7 year old cut my 5 year old gabby!! (Operator)Are in safe place? (Lucy\mom)Yes I locked my kids Alexa and Gabby in the bathroom with me Please hurry she's losing blood (Operator)ok mam it's very important that you stay on the line with me what's your address? (Lucy\mom)Ok! my address is 227 west cherry lane on Washington st. (Operator) ok mam! We're sending officers to your , (Lucy\mom) Ok thank you please hurry 7 minutes later The cops came and took Lily into juvenile for 10 months charges: atemted murder: but due to law Lilys under a miner and miners dont do a lot of time but since she was charged with Atempted murder she will be give OFFICALY 6 months juvenile. 6 months later When they had to go pick up Lily since she's being released from juvenile when we saw her she did not look mentally ok she had short but long hair covering her face she was looking down she looked sad but they could see a grin not a happy one but like a grin from insanity Breaking News! Police get called to a house to find out they had been killed momments after they called the killer was a 7 year old girl named Lily Lopez she was caught in the house liking the blood of her mom and two sisters Gabby Lopez and Alexa Lopez Gabby was 6 and Alexa was 5 more on the story as it go's on! After Lily was released from juvenile after a week she killed her family smearing there blood all over the walls Lily is now in a mental hospital in a padded room and gets only 1 hour of sunlight a week THE END Hoped you enjoyed:-)

Story is told by Stitched


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This story is amazingly scary! Keep it up.


Quaker Hoped you enjoyed Credit-stitched Idea from-Queen Quaker (sry if I spelt wrong) DISCLAIMER (I did not copy Queen Quakers story "there dolls)!!