I just found an online pet shop website, I didn't check the name cause all of the animald were CUTE! I bought one which cost one million but I didn't think twice. I waited for days, weeks and months for it to arrive, I was so excited about my new pets arrival so I bought some food for my pets food once it arrives. I even bought a MINI fan for it, I waited a long, long, long, long, long, long time that I didn't keep track of what it actually was and where the website was but when I went back to the website. I bought a pet from the dark web and worst of all, It facial and bodily appearance. Welp, I have no time, better die with a buddy rather than die alone. It came with a gaping mouth in its face and parasitic features. Well, all I see black and I keep on moving all the time.

Story is told by Mesia


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