"So i am writing this cause i dont have much time please get away from this town they...they are coming for you they know you are a traitor they...oh no they are coming the wolves they come to kill one is black with red eyes,one is white with ice blue eyes and the other is b..." Man: Rest of the page is covered in blood. Woman:so there are only three thats is good lets just hope they are not howlers Man: i am guessing they they are and i am guess that the third one is blonde and i am guessing these are going to be harder to kill so lets just get back to base Woman:yeah i would like that Three hours later... Boss: so you're telling me we have something much more dangerous in the area then just screamers,Crawlers,runners,oh let me see howlers(infected wolves), stealths(infected mountain lions),hmm oh yeah brutes(infected bears), not mention bloats(infected birds that explode when they attack), and that hoard with new infected we are calling storms cause they are like body builders that only come out if it is stormy and these weird creatures that are part fox and part screamers and coyotes have Been stealing our food and one got one of the hounds now it is turning to a burster as we speak and not to mention a cat was spotted with its eye hanging out so now we have pops so it aint safe here at all so why we worried it aint that bad. Man: ma'am we have been getting reports of creatures just like these they call them deaths cause when they die they explode with acid attracting any hoard any infected in a thirty mile radius so we should be worried (Ground shaking explosion happens with screams and gun shots and more explosions and growls of infected) Women: we got to go they are every where we can take the back way Boss: Jackson go with Lynn i will cover you now go thats an order Jackson: but... We cant leave you we cant Boss:just go (With that they leave with the sound of gun fire and their boss's screams of terror and pain) *writers note* Hey. So leave me know if this was really good or not and leave me know if i should do a part 2 to this or not thanks Sincerely, lonewolf

Story is told by lonewolf


It's good and I think a part two would be awesome ✨?


Another caution tape and should i make a part 2