One time my cousin had a dream. And he kept saying the next day. Almost every 30 minutes. So the next day came, and there was a witch and she was chasing me. So I was running. I got my cousin and he said I ant afraid, he was trying to hit and throw water on her. She brought us to a house. My cousin Austin said I an find our way out. We got out but then a bunch of crows were chasing us. We had o hit them. The witch brought over a bunch more. We made a mixture of water and vinegar. And we started to splash it at them. They died but we still had to find out where we were. And when we found out where we were. We looked at a map we found. But we couldn't find our way home and then we had to go to this other house near a beach. We asked if we could stay there and they said yes. But they had a little secret but what was it. They were always grinning at us. Wait my cousin said she's a nun and he is the boogie man!!! Stay tuned for a part two if you want to know if we can make it out of this scary town.

Story is told by SuperJ_56