Me and my sister are afraid of going to deep in the forest. People say the gaachtall will come and stab you with it's branches if you go too deep into the forests. One day my sister wanted to play hide and seek in the forest. "I hide you seek ok?" She said, "Ok" I agreed. I counted to 10 and tried to find her. It was getting dark and I stll couldn't find her. "Sarah! Sarah!" I yelled, but, there was no response. I was in front of the deep forest, so I just came home assuming she went home cuz of boredom. When I got home she was nowhere to be found. I told my mom and dad about the problem and the whole village looked everywhere but the deep forest. 2 hours after trying to find her and, one of the villagers suggests that we look at the deep forest. "Be careful one of these trees might be a gaachtall!" My father said, then, we found her, impaled by a branch, high above the tree.

Story is told by Yaz