There was a huge wolf spider. And when you would try to kill it the baby spiders would come of, it was really scary because they would bite you. And when it bites you, you become a venom. And you need a cure, but the cure has to be made by a scary scientist. And he would kill people for the cure. But he wouldn't kill one or two, he would kill 20. He was so scary he was over 200 years old. He would most likely kill young people at night. And he would say you hide under the covers just an easier way to kill you. So you would have to be up because he only kills at night. He got a cure for people who turned into venom, and he would take the venom out of you and use it for an antibiotic. Once you weren't venom you wanted alot of food you would start eating the spiders. And they would start to eat your soul.

Story is told by SuperJ_56


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