I did some research about it. And it turns out I got a visit from Krampus. I don't know what to do, he is right outside my door. I am so scared. I didn't like it at all. I had to do something. But what? I couldn't bare to go back out there, I felt safe inside. I called my cousin Jasmine. She came right over. I showed her Krampus, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. I heard a story that Krampus comes to your house and chops your parents heads off, and kills you. I was so scared. Jasmine acted fearless, and leaped at him. She started punching him. She then came back inside. She said he was cold as a snowman. We couldn't stand it anymore,we had to do something. But whatever we did it needed to be fast. Shoutouts to Jasmine check her out SuperJ_15 To be continued!!!!

Story is told by SuperA_15


Thankssss can't wait for another