(Hey so first if all this end and also i am watching Lordminion777 so if there is any thing screwed up just know that is why cause i have limited view so yeah also plz follow for more stories if you would like kay enough talk here story) Zalgo:what are you doing Flame: uh i am just about to throw him out the window so he would talk cause he is afraid of heights Zalgo: ok i am gonna go now so carry on Zalgo ran out the door and Flame ran with Psycho Assassin in his arms they made it out but before they left the gate Zalgo shot Flame in the leg Psycho and Flame fall down the cliff by Zalgo's base Few hours later... Flame is held at gun point by Hoodie and masky and Jacob(psycho assassin) was picked up by Jeff Jacob: stop he helped me get out of there let him stay if not Zalgo will all of us and might do some awful things to Miss William Jeff: fine follow me and you need to have more people with you boss also your step sister or whatever she is to you is mad that we were able to protect her from Zalgo but you were easily kidnapped but yeah Flame: step sister who would that be Masky: shut up we didn't tell you to talk Hoodie: masky stop we got orders so we follow them no time for being a jerk so stop Masky: we dont listen to Jacob we listen to Slender man Jacob: any word on where Toby went Hoodie:nope ever since that big fight we had and clock being injured he just went insane so lets hope he is talking to Virus, or rogue, or maybe chaser Jacob: *yelps in pain* dang today we are going farther out so tell every one to search the caves, the falls the mist cabin we shall we say, and the *cough* train station Everyone:ok Flame: i am guessing Toby is Toby Rogers, um lets see clock is clock work, um chaser would be Kate the chaser, and virus is X virus Jacob: yeah you got it and Miss William is Sally William Flame:ok who is this step sister we dont know about Jacob: you will find out soon Flame: what is the mist cabin Jeff: that would ve none of your business Jacob: All you need to know is they are being hunted by Zalgo... Flame: ok Jeff: Jacob you need to get some sleep get some sleep i will wake you when we get to the hospital. With Psycho Assassin went to sleep

Story is told by lonewolf


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