We moved into our new house. When I was 6 years old. One night when I was in my room, I couldn't fall asleep because I heard something really loud outside. I went outside to see what it was, I saw a bunch of lights in our neighbor's house. I wound up walking to his house and and knocked on the door, he came to the door with a blood on his hands. I asked him what happened and he said he cut himself with scissors. I asked him to turn down the music and make the lights a little bit dimmer. He said okay, I went back to my house. The next morning, I woke up ready to go. The reason why is because we were going fishing! We got done fishing. Then we went home, and had lunch, it was so good. An hour later, I saw the neighbor walking down the street with more blood on him, I think he saw me. The next day, I went outside and I was playing. Then all of a sudden he came into our yard and try to grab me. I ran inside, I told my parents. But they didn't believe me. So later that night I went back to his house and because he had his music at the max and his lights were so bright. I asked him to turn it down. He grabbed me and took me in side. And he put duct tape over my mouth and he tied my arms and legs. I couldn't talk or move my arms or legs. And then he put me in a chamber. And lock the door. And I was never to be seen again!.!.

Story is told by SuperJ_56




This is so scary! I'll probably have a nightmare. But the story is so so good. Keep it up.