Helppppppp I say me an Lexi screaming. We are on a boat. We need to get out. The guy saying shut up. Where are you taking us. He said somewhere. We were tired, and scared. We had got out of the room and we were screaming. But where were we so we try to go swimming but there is guards. We were supposed to have dinner with a guy. But we said no and snuck out of the window. We left and we went in the water and started screaming and then snatch a great white ate Lexi. I swam to an island. Were there was weird berry's and coconuts. So I was starving and wanted to eat. So I ate a berry witch made me fall asleep. Then I saw the guy saying. Let's go he was trying to butcher me for his coyotes. I said not grabbed a coconut and hit him in the head with it and got away and never saw him again

Story is told by SuperJ_56