The door it wouldn't lock. Me saying to my parents. The back door won't lock. My mom said we don't live in the best neighborhood and they left for a business trip so I was in charge so I dicided to talk to my friend in superj. And my friend is Lexi. Hey jazz . Hey Lexi Wyd Nothing much but I see a guy with a phone in his hand near the house. Oh that's weird want me to come over Nah I'm okay but he is going near the back door. Is it locked No it won't Go hide I'm running into the bathroom. Okay I'm in a vent. Where is he Trying to get into the bathroom. Okay Well I'm going near the back of the vent near the living room. Okay where is he He is near he living room vent but he has scars, and he is all bloody. Well this is the guy staring at you I kidnapped Lexi. Well come out and play. ........ Tune in for part two

Story is told by SuperJ_56