So this isn't a scary story. But just wanted to say my cousin is the best and he is a great writer. So send him likes. He is a tough, stubborn, and kind person He is a good influencer. And he is awesome. But have a good day go and read all his stories his name is SuperA_15. He has true stuff and scary monsters. He da best. And words can't tell you how good of a writer he is. Go check out his stuff. And pickle Rick. But he's a good friend and he is a fighter he battled cancer. Anyway stay safe and go check his stories. They are great. Give him likes and help him with some more stories and ideas and suggestions. Well bye people have fun and stick up toilet paper. And hand sanitizer. And Clorox wipes byeeee......

Story is told by SuperJ_56


No probably


I'm her cousin she is the best she has a heart made of gold thanks Jasmine