Crackle as the fire burns. Making smores is he best I say to my cousin he agrees. My parents said for me too get more wood for the fire. My cousin decides to go with me. We hear owls and coyotes. Suddenly we get lost we shout for help. Help.. help... Help.. we say and then we look over our shoulder we saw a shadow of what looks like a person. We found our way back with the wood. We fall asleep. I woke up and looked over wait where is my cousin. I get out of the tent and look. I hear him say give me some toilet paper. Ohh my gosh I say. Later that day we are going for a hike we get back to the tent. Our parents say get more wood we go together. And then we heard a snap.. we look over our shoulder we see a man. We go running to our tent but apparently he made it there before us we go in the tent and see our stuff is missing. His friend took our stuff and killed our parents and our siblings and uncles and aunts. We run in fear. Back to the police station. And we stop people are circling us. We scream before they get closer. They are vampires. We say get back I bring out in our backpacks water, and a wooden stick piece, that is sharp. We stab them and run they die but we gotta tell the police. The police say people keep reporting this and they blocked where you can't go camping there. We head home by the police. And we have to start a life on our own. Keep going step by step. But my cousin turned into a vampire.

Story is told by SuperJ_56