There is a thing called Momo she is a nasty no good thing. Don't do the challenge it is not good. It's fake. And our little secret people are acting like her so she can ruin people's lives. Just don't do it. Like seriously please. Parents won't like it. Just between us I think Momo everything should be banned. Like this if you think so. She is nasty, ugly, not a good influencer, and mean. Just think about puppies. Just please don't look it up or do the challenges it's not real. But people do so please please please please please please. And she is a fake person. So just stand with me and my cousin if you think this should stop. It's not a good thing we got to stand together. She is creepy but not real. Thanks give this likes if you agree. Because kids are taking there own lives for there loved ones.

Story is told by SuperJ_56




I agree with you and your cousin.


I agree cousin