MOMO is a scary character that is very mean MOMO is the worst she incoureges kids to kill them self if you are reading this do not do it she is very mean and cruel absolutely do not do it. Please don't do the challenge. I am trying to stop people from doing it. If you do it your family will be very mad. I encourage you not to do it. I'm begging you not to. If you do it will be the worst mistake in your whole entire life. So I encourage you not to do it please. If you do it you will be making the worst mistake ever. Please please please please don't do it. I'm begging you. Please. MOMO is not good and never will be, you need to ignore it. Please I am begging you, so much. Just don't I encourage you not to. here is a picture to show you how scary it is. Like if you think MOMO is the worst.

Story is told by SuperA_15


You know I'm not


Please don't do it