Me and my family went on a walk and we saw a cat that was hissing at nothing it was a missing cat. So we called the people who were looking for the cat but no answer. We brought the cat home. We woke up in the middle of the night because we heard the cat so we went down stairs and the cat turned into a coyote. And he had meat, an arm, and a half of a watermelon. We left meat on a path to lead it out. But when he smelt us he wanted a buffee. We ran and hid. We were hiding in the old creepy basement and we heard him clawing at the door. He ran away. But why is the question. The door opened and I heard a bang. And then I saw a old butcher who wanted our meat for his spaghetti. And we said no leave us alone. Then he said you smell good and became a coyote. We ran and we were safe we hid in the woods

Story is told by SuperJ_56




This one scared me. The twists in the story is actually scary.


Da Best!!!!