I woke up with an erry feeling I went to the mirror to get ready and a girl was watching me through the mirror. I freaked out and tried to get my parents but where were they. I was searching and the creepiest thing was there was a wall of mirrors I felt scared, worried, and mad. What was happening I kept saying but I didn't know what to do. So I went outside and nothing then I went o my neighbors house. When I got in I heard a scream it came from the bathroom and I walked in and found everyone I knew was evil at the other side of the mirror. I had to get them out I had to sing this awful siren. I got them out but the girl that brought them in is wearing a white shirt and it is long and it has holes. And she has black teeth and gray hair. She was saying come be with me but I said no. She said the only way to make me go away is to break the mirror. So without thinking I broke it she got out of the mirror. I had to chase her and lock her in a box but she wouldn't stop running. So finally I locked her in the box but she left me a note and said this is just the beginning. Hey guys tune in for a part two

Story is told by SuperJ_56


This was good. Looking forward to part 2.


Ok love it