Let me tell you a tale Off a girl so far gone There's nothing left but a veil A veil of grief of pain of abandonment She's all alone No one to protect her High in a drugged up zone No one to stop her She doesn't care what's right or wrong What's dangerous or safe All she cares about is that it's been too long Since her last fix She's still so young But oh she's broken Her will to live has been wrung Out it was her last token What is her drug of choice Is it weed cocaine or pills She doesn't have a voice All she has is her blood as it spills She watches it drip Down her arms it goes From her veins it all slips It flows from her in rows But she never cries Not even a single tear never does she weep Something inside her dies But still she continues to speak Cry for those who have eyes But cannot see For those who believe that through their lies They can deceive As she bleeds She speaks these words The words he'll never read This is her secret to keep She draws with silver And it turns to red Her death to deliver His soul to be fed She has no use For this hopeless world She's done with this abuse He doesn't care anyway If she leaves No one will care They won't believe No one would dare They won't stop her They will be happier with her gone She'll be at peace And her demons will have won They look just like we do They hide among us Blend into our view Settle beyond the dust She can't see them She can't hide Sorry but she can't help She's just along for the ride Not what you wanted Life never was You are what's hunted You're his last buzz He's now finished with her He's found a new prey She's finally at rest On her death bed he's watches her lay He's her demon Her one and only nightmare She was only human Led into his lair This was her tale Her journey away from all her pains Her one and only betrayal The last drops fall from her veins

Story is told by IceQueen


The REAPER, it sounds better ? Thank you✨?


Why the hell did i read this in a pirate voice? Lol and good story excellent plot


Good story