There once was a mansion in the woods. It was really creepy. It was the creepiest place in the country. The reason why is because in the 1960, there was a man who died in there. It was so terrifying that nobody dared to go in there. Then one day I went in there. It was so creepy. I was in there and stuff was trying to fall on me. Then I saw something it was wired. It was a man. He had on old clothes. He also had weird hair. He came at me. I dodged it. I was so scared that I ran up the stairs. He was chasing me. It was so freaky. I hated it. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. It was terrifying. He was chasing me with a knife. I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen. I finally got was the worst thing ever. Just to be clear this really happened to me! please comment down Bellow.

Story is told by SuperA_15




Pickle Rick


I remember that we called the cops


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