One person I went to school with. He was not your usual person he had a secret. One time the teacher told us to be partners for our science. He said I can see you soul and he ripped it out of my chest. I thought.. I thought.... It was a dream but he was haunting me because he would be mean. I woke up in a doctor's office and my soul was back I couldn't remember much. The doctor said I would be alright. She said get some sleep. I turned over and saw the boy and he started crying. I asked him why was he crying and he said you were supposed to die and come be like me. And he said you must be an angel because your so nice and I said leave me alone. He left I fell asleep with Him right there I said leave but turns out he needed help he was alone and I surprisinly, I had powers I gave him a new life. I said be the new you then a dark mist kept following so I ran and ran and I ran into a boy it was the same boy he said help and I said what's wrong he said the mist we teamed up ad defeated it. We lived defeating crime.

Story is told by SuperJ_56






Not the best


Love it