One night on a snowy cold winter, I was sitting on the couch watching movies. I lived alone. The owner of the house told me that this apartment was made during World War ll. And I also didn't have that much friends. But that's alright. Anyways when I was sitting on the couch then all of a sudden. I heard footsteps outside in the backyard. I turned off the TV. I walked to the window and slowly moved the curtains aside a bit but to the point I could see outside. There I saw nothing or nobody. So I just shrugged it off then headed back to the living room. But right after I got there. I heard a big crash upstairs in the attic. I was scared but I remember in scary movies that after they go investigate something bad gonna happen. But I went to the attic anyways but I was just making sure it was locked. And yet it was so I headed to my bedroom. My bedroom was across from the living room. I locked the door of my bedroom like I always do. Turned off the light. Then I plopped myself on my bed. I grabbed my phone and stayed up watching YouTube. Nothing weird happened that night. I slept about at 4 am in the morning. I woke up at 11:36 am. I went to the bathroom to have a nice warm shower. But the moment I stepped foot in the shower. It felt as if someone was watching me. So I got out put a towel on me and washed my face instead. But when I finished I looked in the mirror and saw something horrifying. There in the mirror was my reflection. Staring back at me with a grin. But that wasn't me cause I wasn't grinning at all. Then when I turned back to leave. I saw it.. Me with a grin. After that day, I packed all my bags and left not giving a shit. Ran into the attic. Saw an old dusty mirror. I saw me again but with no grin. But screaming for help. After that, I ran out the house with a grin on my face..

Story is told by Misaki

Vil Lan

SND™ Scream N Death


Cool story


OMG! So scary! I shouldn't have read it at night. It's a good story. Keep it up.