My boyfriend was always so secretive about his family.One day, I went to visit him due to him missing school.His little sister was sitting outside eating when I got there,we always got along so well.When I asked where Cameron was, she just looked at me and shook her head."I don't know where he is",said his little sister,Aubrey. I looked at her dress and noticed a few drops of blood. His mom came out and grabbed Aubrey by her hair and dragged her inside.I just decided to leave and hope Cameron would come back. Two weeks passed and Cameron hasn't came back to school,I was worried. Maybe I should visit them...."no" ,I thought. Cameron just needed space. I walked home but I could feel someone watching me. Was it Cameron. No, it was his mom. She ran up to me crying and saying how Cameron was dead. I laughed and pushed her away. Everytime I would try to talk, it feels like someone stabbed me in the throat, and yes. I am mute. My family was involved with some demon crap which caused me to lose my voice. I felt tired and dizzy,then I collapsed and woke up. Was it all a dream,Am I really who I think I am?, Or was I becoming monster. I'm the monster.... I'm just getting better at hiding it... -Liz

Story is told by Liz