It's late at night, the Moon is glistening and there's a whispering wind that's blowing. The wind blows and the dead leaves fall. I walk along the sidewalk for a brief moment or so to clear my thoughts, I pause for a moment and stare In front of me, I notice black metallic gates. I saunter through the gates and I amble down the aisles of tombstones of unmarked graves. One grave in particular seemed a bit off, I looked at it and atop of the Stone stood a weeping angel statue With its hands closed like it was praying. I grab a match and lit my lantern, I kneeled down and cleared the stone of leaves. "Nothing but a date on the top, It doesn't say anything else, December 11th, 1875." I thought to myself. I sense there's something in the wind. A strange ominous feeling of dread and a cold spine chilling sensation over fills my body. "At Last..." A wispy and rasp voice said as the wind blew past me. "Who's there?" I asked as I got up and turned around. I Look around but I don't hear anyone. I held my Lantern upward and forward but didn't see anyone. I shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks. I turned around to continue searching for a name on the tombstone. "At Last..." The voice in the wind blew once more. I turned around quick and saw nothing. "Must be My Mind, that's all. I'm Just emotional, a little unstable, I'm disposable and Forgettable. I'm hearing these things cause It's all in my head. Nothing more nothing less." I said to myself as I try and find a Reasonable explanation for these strange occurrences. "I'm alone here, I've always have been and always will be." I said with a sudden realization. "Always will be alone..." I sighed. "I do wish I had someone to talk to. It's just that no one understands me." I uttered under my breathe as I sat down thinking about my life so far. "I'm tired of never knowing where I am or never seem to understand. Tired of reaching out in vain. Tired of dealing with all this hurt inside. Everything is going numb, Everything I love is gone. I don't need a lesson I need a friend. I swear I'm near the end..." I thought to myself. "You don't have to be alone..." The voice quietly said. With a Startle I looked up and upon my view was a tall pale thin woman with long black hair that seemed like it was flowing on it's own. She wore a long  white dress with a Wilted Rose on top of her Bosom. Her coal black eyes staring at me. Staring into my soul. I couldn't turn away. "W-Who are you?" I asked nervously. "I'm Your personal Reaper, My name is Lilith Morticia Evangelica, But you may refer to me as Lilith." She said so calmly as she reached out her hand to me. "You said your my Personal Reaper, if I grab your hand won't I Die?" I said hesitantly. "Not at all, I'm not the Grim Reaper but I'm more of a Fallen Angel." She told me as she grinned. "O-Ok Lilith, What brings you to me?" I said nervously. "You said you were alone, You said you wanted a friend. I've been watching you for awhile now. It's just luck you happened to stumble across my Gravestone with the angel on it. But I Like God do not play with Dice and I Don't believe in Coincidences." She said with a Firm smile. I reached for her hand and Rain fell upon us. "Come let's watch the rain as it's falling down. You know Things don't feel the same when you're not around." She said as she held my hand. "Did you die or were you already a fallen angel?" I asked Lilith. "I was Once Alive, My mortal name was Lillian, I was an outcast most of my life. No one to care for me and I had no one to care for. I young and care free. One day I met this wealthy man who said he would take care of me. I didn't obey my mother or father. They told me he wasn't the one. I thought they just just couldn't cope so I had a plan to Elope. A quarter past 3 snuck off in the dead of night, I took the family jewels and met my lover under an old oak tree. Long story short he took everything from me. Even left me to die. I didn't belong in Heaven and Hell didn't want me. I wandered around till I was reformed to a fallen angel." She said as she stared into the Moonlit night. "Apologises, I don't mean to be a snoop, Just wanted to know more about you." I said as I tried to shed some light, on all the dark inside of her. "It's understandable." She said vaguely. I looked into her eyes, Something about her.. I don't know if she's a Spirit, A Ghost, A Demon or really a Fallen Angel but I do know that she still does have a human part of her. She understands what it's like to be alone... The more i stared at her the more her beauty became more captivating. I think I was falling for her... She held my hand and firmed her grasp. "This has been the first time I've truly felt happy in a Long time." She said as she inched closer to me... "N-No I'm sorry, I can't." I said. "What do you mean?" she said sadly. "I got to go right now that's all, Nothing to it don't expect no call." I said. "I don't understand." She said as she felt confused. "I'm human, Your a fallen angel or ghost or spirit or whatever you are but It isn't going to work out. A part of me believes I'm falling for you, but it isn't gonna work out." I said as I grabbed my Lantern and ran out of the Cemetery. I didn't turn back cause of the pain I felt. I didn't want to hurt her. I heard her crying and sobbing. It didn't feel right to up and leave her alone while she was at her most vulnerable. A 5 days passed by and not a sound from Lilith. Was it a dream? A vision? Or an illusion? But it still haunted me. The guilt... The guilt was eating me up... I returned later on that day into the dead of night. It wasn't a dream and To my surprise she was still by her tombstone crying... I realised she was the one with a broken smile... "H-Hey." I said nervously. "What do you want?" She said Angry and sad. Before i answered I had a gut feeling. "Now what I've done, I know she was the one. She was the one worth my time." I thought to myself. "I realised what I've done. I left you just like the guy you met when you were alive. I didn't mean to run out on you but I had some thought." I told her as I sat by her. "Whatever is on your mind I don't think it'll work cause If I can touch a burning candle I can feel no pain. If you cut me with a knife it's all the same. And I know your heart is beating and I know that I am dead. Yet the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it's not real." She said said she touched where her heart would be. "You're a Reaper right?" I asked her. "Yeah I am." She said as she wiped tears off her face. I grab her hand and stare into her eyes... "My heart is searching for you, My arms are outstretched towards you, My tongue dances behind my lips for you..." I whispered in her ear. "I don't wanna be alone, neither do You, but I don't wanna Die but I'll give up everything just to be with you tonight." I said as I kissed her dead frozen lips. "Are you sure? I already lived my life you don't have to give up yours for me" She told me. "As You said, Unlike God I don't play with Dice and I don't believe in Coincidences. It wasn't just luck I was by your Tombstone that night. It was Destiny." I told Lilith. "If you don't mind I'd like to join you by your side." I told her. Just Me and Lilith walking under the Moonlit night that moment when we both truly felt happy...

Story is told by The REAPER


I loved the story I think it's awesome that you're trying out different styles of writing goodluck and will you be mine?✨?

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This was an Experiment of different writing. Thought I'd try a Romance Story for once