The next day Psycho woke up really hungry and thirsty. He never was scared of any thing but the thought of a little kid being injured or hurt or what ever scared,scared him a lot. Psycho: i have to tell every thing i know why, never killed me and every thing i cant let any one get hurt but then again others will be hurt what should i do i...i...i cant watch people die but i cant live with the thought of giving people up that were more family then you or Zalgo or mother or- Zalgo:(kicking door open) enough you tell me where they are and nobody gets hurt and they are not family i am your dad they should know my family is strong and liers so i will give you one last day ok to tell me i am not playing around this time so tell me where they are. Zalgo breaks off a piece of pipe sticking out of the wall and beats psycho with it but Flame stepped in before his brother was killed. Flame: dad stop you are killing him he won't tell you if he is dead now leave, go cool down i will get him to talk. Zalgo hits Flame in the ribs one time then leaves the room and walks down the hall Psycho Assassin: how much worse is this going to be what are you going to do burn me till i talk well guess what your going to have to kill me cause i wont talk Flame:easy brother i am helping you get out of here as long as you let me stay with you i have no where else to go he will kill me when he finds out please brother please. Psycho Assassin: fine lets go help me up Just as Flame gets psycho up Zalgo walks in... To be continued

Story is told by lonewolf


Will this be the end of the two brothers will Psycho Assassin let Flame live find out next time on brother pt3 (insert dramatic musica) P.s. this is another caution tape story