I planned to tell Jace about the discovery I made the night before, but I wasn't sure how he would react. What if I never get Jace back. What if he hurts me again. What if - he thinks I'm crazy. He has always believed in the paranormal, but will this make him think I've gone over the edge! He'll want to stay away from me! I should just do the ritual without him knowing... Yes, that might work. He wouldn't suspect a thing, because I'm always doing weird things and acting really random. I hope this really works. As I lie awake thinking about the very eventful day, I realized that if Jace didn't remember anything... He never remembered the kiss. I don't know why I want him to remember... I just thought, maybe, that I kissed Jace... NOT the demon. I slapped myself on the forehead, forgetting about all the burns I have. I wince as I feel the pain grow, trying to cancel out. the pain. It just kept growing and growing untill I just couldn't take it anymore!!! I cried out desperate to make this unbearable pain go away. So I stumbled into the kitchen to find medicine or something idk what I was looking for but there had to be something that would help me. Finally! I found it. I took the meds and drifted off to sleep. A demon? No. It's Jace. He's here! But what's up with him? He's walking towards me... Slowly. He's speaking but it's coming from all around me, at every corner and side of the room. It's pitch black, the only light I see is red and illuminating like red Aura around Jace. He's says, "You can't escape me... You can't get rid of me... You are POWERLESS against me! You can't even try excursion on me your to afraid to hurt your poor precious little boyfriend." I tried to speak but I couldn't get a sound out. End of pt.2 Pt. 3 coming soon!

Story is told by Smiley corpse

Smiley corpse

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This is getting so interesting. Now I'm really curious about part 3.