I was 16 and I lived out in the country, I was on my way home from my first job I stopped for gas and a young guy maybe 20s asked what way I was heading and I told him he asked if he could catch a ride he had just returned home from being overseas and his mom lived up my way so I said sure why not, I was from a small town so nothing seemed out of the ordinary during the ride we talked and laughed and I didn't mind he was really cute when we got into my town I stopped at a diner same one I went to everyday for lunch and I paid for both of us and we got back on the road my house was about a 45 minute ride when we hit the country side he said to take the third right and I did and he gave me a bunch of other direction and finally said "here is good" I looked at the old abandoned house and he asked for my number so we could "stay in touch" and I gave it to him and drove home everything was normal 4 months later I got a call from a weird number and it was him I will never forget what he said during this call he said "Don't talk I want to tell you something, I want you to never drive a stranger or hitchhiker anywhere my intentions the night you picked me up were to rape you Rob you kill you and take your car but you were so nice I couldn't do it." He hung up and I never heard from him again. I have never picked a stranger up again it has always left me wondering would I have been able to get away? Where did he go? Why did he call me to tell me that?

Story is told by Forensic Feen