It was the usual night, everyone is enjoying the calmness of their own homes. Friday, January fourteen when suddenly a loud clashing sound came from the sky made the red haired girl clutch her pillows and shriek in fear. It has been her and the storm. The storm makes her very uncomfortable and every clash of thunder and drop of heavy rain makes her adrenaline rush further into the fast phase of insanity. Surely the girl is mad. But not mad angry, rather than mad crazy. Im telling you this story to further analyze how hard her days have been. Antonette cried in fear as she huddled in her room under the huge pink blankets her father bought for her. Treated like the princess in a very beautiful mansion, Antonette has been going through different types of events that slowly drives her into insanity. Her smile day after day changes into a scowl then the disgusted and angered frown would stay on her lips. Her ocean blue eyes would slowly feel like ocean itself, lost and deep in Thoughts her brain makes every second. "M-Mother, c-can i have some t-tea with you?" The young lady asked with hesitation as she hastily wiped her tears away. The older female only clicked her tongue in annoyance. "Stop acting like a baby and whimper to my feet." The woman ordered. "Go sleep inside your room instead, can't you see im busy?" The woman went back into Talking with someone from the phone as she giggled. It was her lover. And her father knows this. The red haired little girl slowly walked back towards her room, clutching the doll near her as she whimpered and cry softly. "I guess they don't want me.." The next morning was a haste. Everyone in town woke up with one single news. The daughter of a very wealthy family is missing and no one knows who did it. Will they solve the mystery of her lore? To be continued

Story is told by Red Pride