I walk while the box was in my hands to the new house, I did some research on the box. Nothing good came from it because there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Then I opened the box. Nothing. Nothing! NOTHING????!!!!!!!?!!?!?!!??!!?! I WASTED MY TIME RESEARCHING FOR NOTHING?!?! Calm down bella. Calm down. I walked out of my room without the box and left it open. As I walked out I got ice cream from the fridge. I sat down on my couch next to my mom who was reading a book on her Kindle. What are you reading? I asked her. Something about a box. She replied with. BOX!? oh my Lord I need to know more about the story! pleaseeeeeeeeee! Pretty please? Fine I'll tell you soon though. Not now. She said. Fine. Later... Alright are you ready? Yes. I said back. To be continued.

Story is told by Egyptgachacat