I woke up, picked up my phone an average person and saw an app that almostly really swiftly caught my eye by its cool but creepy thumbnail. I decided to get it so I clicked download but creepily there was no load time so I gathered up my courage and clicked play, I was locked up in a confined space which was a dungeon like room with nothing but a bucket of water and a fair amount of food sources like sushi or mysteriously half eaten apples, I looked at the wall and then a bloody source wrote a question that said "Do You Feel Safe?" and I replied no in my mind then it dissapeared and the roof collapsed on me in game. The name of the game was "Do You Feel Safe?" then, there was a knock at the door, the door swung open then.

Story is told by Mesia


Mesia, it's okay. But the story is kinda creepy.


Also not refferenced by the new app by Inti. Just to be sure.