I was walking home from school to get my stuff together for going to a new house with my mother, when I was walking home I was walking with my friends: Cecilia and Avery. We were passing by a playground and then a cemetary. We were kinda... searching through the cemetary in the graves...I pulled out my camera and we took a picture with each other, then kept walking home. One by one we left. Until I was the only one to get home. I was scared as usally because of the legends going around about the "Girl Who Smashes People's Heads Against the Cement". She does it to girls usually sometimes to boys. Anyways I made it back to the house, and I started to pack all of my items. Me and my mom started driving to my friends house's to say my good-byes. After that we unloaded our bags and stuff into our new house. So I decided to walk around town. There was some boys talking about something so I wanted to go over and we got to know about each other and we became friends. It was the end of the day after my friends showed me around, we went to walk home together. We saw something inside of a tree hole. It was a wooden coin box... To be continued! (Btw the main character in the story is named Bella)

Story is told by Egyptgachacat

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I don't want to throw shade or anything, but it could be a little longer ??