He said he was ok when we walked to school that day. He said he was ok when he tried to wipe the tired from his eyes. He said he was ok when I saw him drink his blood from the cuts. He said he was ok... My best friend is NOT really ok. My best friend is all I have now. Jace is all I have. And I'm not sure what happened to the friend I used to know. But I will do everything I can to get him back. He no longer comes to my house after school. He doesn't even sit with me at lunch... He doesn't sit with anyone anymore. He stays detached during classes, and doesn't answer questions the teachers ask. I'm worried for my friend. When I question him the next day about it he gets a savage look in his eye like he could tear me apart peice by peice. But he doesn't. He calms down and says he's ok. I ask him a second time, and he raised his voice a little saying " I'm ok". I ask a third time, pushing my luck. This time full out screaming " I AM OK!!!!" And just like that he walked away like the introvert he is. I invited him over, insisting on him him coming. We ate dinner then sat down to talk. My parents were outside to give us some privacy. (They are always insisting we couple up) I ask questions about school and complain about teachers like we used to do, and it finally felt like old times. But then he did something unexpected... He kissed me. And I kissed him back. Then he bit my lip... Hard. I bleed so much and he just drank my blood as it poured out of me. He was smiling an laughing for one of the first times in a long time. So I let him keep doing it. But eventually I would have to stop. I pushed him away breathless. And he had a sick look on his face. I gave a tiny scream and ran to the bathroom. Examining the cut I noticed out of the corner of my eye Jace was standing there, watching me bandage my cut, licking his lips. Then I started to raise my voice the louder I spoke, "What was that for? What has happened to you! You just bit my lip and drank my blood! That's not normal. Don't tell me you're OK, because you're clearly not!" And that got that silly little look off his face as he came closer and I backed up as far as I could, and started to push him away. The closer he came the more frightening I became. And when I couldn't stand him being any closer... I slapped him. It hurt me to know that it came this far. I couldn't stand slapping my best friend. Just then his pupils got larger and smaller and larger again. His skin began to bubble and boil. I reached out to him and tried to touch him but he was to hot, I was to petrified to move. His hair began to darken as he gave in to the demon's power. I just stood there. The only sound I could make were little shrieks. He stared at me and came closer. At that time I new I had to run away, fast. Pushing past him and locking him in there. Five minutes later I knocked on the door and came inside to see if he had cooled off. He looked like the Jace I knew and he smiled when I walked into the room, but not the creepy smile, a nice one like he used to do. At that point I realized that he doesn't remember anything that just happened. He looked so care free untill he saw my burns. He wouldn't stop asking questions about my lip and the scared look on my face. I told him I would tell him tomorrow and that he should go home and get some rest. He didn't even notice his burns. All he cared about was my safety, so why did he act the way he did? That night I researched what could have him acting this way. A jin possibly, a demon who wants to cause the possessed bodily harm. That's what it looked like. He looked so hurt. And when he woke up from the demon's power he didn't even notice the sever burns he had. He was ok. That's what he thought at least. PART 2 COMING SOON!!!???

Story is told by Smiley corpse

Smiley corpse

Thx this was my first story I wrote.


It is scary. Looking forward to part 2.

Shayashta Stallone

That was so nice...I really lov3d it.. I'm waiting to part 2.. I wonder what it is :)