The "happy" family We were a famous and happy family, that lived in the city. I was an only child until my parents wanted another child. One day while my parents were dropping me off at school they said "when you come home there will be another family member, and I want you to be nice to her" I said "ok" thinking they were joking. When I came home I was not expecting to see what I saw there was a five year old in our living room. At first I was not happy, but when I talked to her and my parents I was pretty happy with the choice my parents made of abopting this girl. Five months later... My parents have been acting strange, almost like you see in horror movies. For one they have been ignoring me and paying a lot of attention on Lucy (the five year old), me and Lucy don't talk much, and when we are talking shes showing me her new toys my parents bought her. one day when my parents left with Lucy I followed them, and what I saw made me mad. lucy was blackmailing them, telling them that she would kill them if they told me what she was doing. You might be wondering what is she doing to answer that, she telling them to ignore me and only pay attention on her, she was pretty much controlling them into doing bad things. after a couple days my parents died, so I was stuck with lucy. People ask me "how did your parents die?" I say "I don't really know". But I do know, Lucy stabbed them to death while they were sleeping. I was scared of Lucy, one day I talked to Lucy saying "I know you stabbed my parents can you tell me why?" All She said was "your next". A week later... It's hard for me to fall asleep at night because of the thing Lucy said but tonight I was tired and fell asleep quickly, I had a dream Lucy killed me. when I woke up she was next to my bed with a knife, I screamed but it was to late she had the knife in my chest. The last thing I heard was Lucy saying "now everything is mine!"

Story is told by Winter horror