Her back was against a tabletop; wrists were separately tied on the opposite edges of the table, cranial to her top head; the same for both of her feet, being tied separately, caudally on the opposite edges. She was trying to grasp a hint from her vague memories; all she could remember was that her hair was being dragged forcefully by someone. The place was surrounded with mirrors; she had a glance of her own reflection on the side. Wait. Someone was under the table; someone was underneath: a lady, she was certain that that was a lady smiling at her; giving her the feeling of distress. She immediately shifted her eyes away from the mirror. They were all surrounding her, wearing those eerie masks. A man started to chant an unknown and bizarre dialect; the rest of them repeated. She then felt the pain; pain that she had never felt before; then someone went screaming. A woman was screaming, screaming someone else's name: "Agnes!!!" Everything went silent. It was morning when Andy prompted to sit as she woke up; she was sweating and catching her breath. She had started dreaming the same series of scenes almost for a month, after an accident she got into that made her memories went blurry and cryptic. Andy decided to go downstairs, but then, her intent was tossed by a rustling and crackling sounds. She was certain that those annoying sounds were coming from under her bed. Andy did not hesitate; she then went and dug into it. She was pointing the probability of where exactly those sounds were coming from and/or what could be the source. Well, she finally found it. She pulled out a black box. Andy sat down, stared, and observed the strange box for a moment. The box seemed to be familiar. She was startled when she opened it, as two rats immediately jumped out from it and ran. Andy was even more surprised by what the box had revealed her: there were bunch of photos of a gorgeous lady exposing her pure black hair and blue eyes. She picked out one photo that was perfectly framing the lady into it. "Wow..." vocalized product of intrigue and amazement. Andy scanned the back of the photo; this was where she started to get terrified, and confused. She called for her mother and caught her busy at their kitchen; Andy then immediately spoke "Mom..." "Oh, hey there sweetheart, come now over here, the food--" her mother said but got ceased by what Andy held out and showed to her. "Who the hell is she?" Andy asked with stress of madness and confusion seemingly in a calm manner. Andy's father came in and became fully shocked from the scene he was in. "Tom?" his wife said as she was trying to beg for help from her husband. "We tried to--" he eventually attempted to give Andy an answer, but Andy then flipped the photo; "The two of you explain me this! Why is my name written on it!?" "Okay honey, just calm down... that day..." teardrops trickled down on her mother's cheeks. "We cannot bear to lose you, okay? We had to do everything because we love you!" her mother continued. "We sought for solutions to bring you back." his father added. Andy was baffled by what she was hearing at that very moment; storm of confusion was suppressing her. "What do you mean? I... I--" she stuttered. "You died." his father said, making Andy petrified through it. "You died... the lady on that photo was you Andy. She was you." his father courageously uttered those words to her. Her mother was crying; his father seemed down. Andy then asked: "Then who the hell am I?" Her hair was being dragged forcefully by someone... she was certain that that was a lady smiling at her... a woman was screaming, screaming someone else's name: "Agnes!!!"

Story is told by Jaded Faddist


Jaded Faddist, that's really good to know! Can't wait to read your next story.

Jaded Faddist

Inti, I'm glad you really appreciated my stories! I'm not really good at writing scary or creepy stuff, it's just I'm amazed by all of you that you could all generate such ideas, which I realized how rich everyone's imaginations! Definitely yes! I'll write more! Thank you!


This story is so scary! Seriously. All of your stories are so amazing! Your writing style is so cool! I'm really very impressed. You should write more. I'll definitely look forward to more of your amazing stories.