2:30 am Holy Snichtel! That was such a bad dream. I dreamed about four men surrounded around my bed each holding a cross, in front of my bed there was a stool with a alarm clock with the time 3:02 on it. 2:45 am I can't stop thinking about my dream. Especially the men. I hear creaking coming from downstairs. 2:55 I started to hear mutilple footsteps. I ran out my room and hid in the guest room. I heard a voice saying "the timeline is coming to an end, we need to hurry". That voice reached my limit. I hurried to the closet and prayed. They might be criminals and they would take what they want and go 3:01 They found me! They dragged me back into my room and chained me up. They all surrounded me and started to chant in a cursed language. 3:03 Slash! They ripped my body apart. I saw a burst of stars then all went to black. "You think boss will be mad? We were supposed to end him at 3:02! You take to long with the chanting!" "Shut up, we still got the job done" Dear ##username##, Sorry I've took to long to make a story. I was running out of ideas very quickly. Deadkid25-

Story is told by DeadKid25


Could y'all comment ideas pls


Damn this is literally straight to the point!

Jaded Faddist

Oh my! It's great! I happened to write a story as well concerning sort of rituals, dreams/madness! Keep going!