(Phone Rings) "Hello?" I answered. "Lucy, Hey I was thinking of you earlier today and I was thinking you and I should Have a little date tonight. Maybe Have Dinner out and watch a horror movie in theaters. There is something important I wanna ask you too." He told me. "Ok, sounds good." I said. "Awesome, will 7pm work?" He asked. "Yeah." I said. "I'll pick you up after my shift is Over." He said. "Alright see you then." I said. (Phone Hangs Up) I paused for a moment. "I'm going to break down soon, I feel so alone. I hate myself but that's a part of me. I'm really feeling low now. I don't want to die but I swear I'll try but once I do there's no turning back now, But I want to live together and I don't want to be alone." I thought to myself. (9 hours later) "6:46pm, It's almost time, I'm going to put on that White formal dress the one that my mother gave me." I thought to myself. (7:00pm) "Baby I'm outside your Apartment. Are you ready?" He said. "I was thinking, Can we stay inside tonight? Lets have a quite place Alone for tonight. I don't want you spending any money on me." I asked nervously. "Uh... Sure anything you want." He said nervously. "Baby, how are you? and you look marvelous in the long white dress, how much was it?" He asked me "I'm fine, just really tired, this dress? It's old. And I don't know my mother gave it to me years ago." I said nervously. "You sure you're ok? and your hair looks wonderful black" He told me. "Yeah I am." I said in a soft voice as and I began to blush and cover My face with my long black hair. "Tonight will be a night to remember Lucy." He said as he held my hand. "I'll be right back, I got something in the car I want to give you my dear." He said as he looked at my gloomy pale face. "Ok Love." I said in a soft voice. "Wait right here, I'll be back soon." He said "Ok Love." I said in a calm soft voice. "Damn It, He looks so nice and I'm dressed all messy, My hair is a mess and this dress is uncomfortable. I wish I was the perfect girl for him. He deserves so much better. I'm nothing but just a worthless human being. What could he possibly see in me. I thought to myself. As I started to tear up. "Tears are running down my face, I feel colder everyday. I just wanna be out of the way. I want to cry, I feel insane." I thought to myself as I grabbed a Kitchen knife. "I'm back." He said. "Welcome back." I said nervously. "Lucy, there is something I always wanted to tell you." He said as he made his way towards the living room. "Babe!" He yelled out To My Horror He seen me trying harm myself. "What are you doing?" He asked. "I'm sorry..." I said as I held up a knife to my heart and moved the blade closer to my Torso. "Stop right now." He said as he rushed to me trying to block the blade from hitting my body. "Argh." He uttered under his breath. "Oh my God your right hand, It's bleeding severely!" I said in a panic voice as I realized I stabbed his hand instead of my heart. "I'm fine, It's just a flesh wound." He said calmly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I just wanted to unburden you, not hurt you." I said as I curled up into a ball and slowly rocked back in forth crying. "Baby stop right now." He said as he cuddled next to me and Grabbed my left hand with his Right Hand. "You're Mine and I won't let anything happen to you, Even if I gotta Hurt myself to protect you than I will." He said as he held my hand and wiped off my tears off my face. "Im sorry." I said. "I care a lot about you, But you killing yourself will hurt me more than this wound on my hand will ever do." He said. "I'm sorry, I know I'm not the perfect girlfriend you wanted or the most smartest or the prettiest, I want you happy that's all I ever wanted for you." I said as I wiped my tears off my cheeks "You make me happy, you are smart, you are beautiful, I am very happy with you." He said. "As I was saying I wanted to give you something." He said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black square box. He opened it. "It's an engagement ring." He told me. "Will you marry me?." He said as he slipped it onto my left hand. "It's Beautiful." I said as I managed to work a smile. "Yes..." I said nervously. "You just made me the happiest man on Earth." He said As he kissed me. "I'm going to go wash my wound out, I don't want it infected." He said as he walked away. "Ok..." I said sadly. (5 mins later) "I feel so damn low and I can't control it at times But no matter what I do I always end up hurting you and I know it hurts you, I don't want you to cry Cause I Love You and I want you to smile." I thought to myself... "Ok My wound is wrapped up and covered." He said as he entered the room. "Baby, no, no, no, What did you do?" He asked nervously as he saw me lying in a pool of blood with a knife in my neck. "I'm... S-S- Sorry I ain't the girlfriend you deserve." I uttered. My body starting to go numb, My eyes start to shutter and I feel them rolling back, Everything is fading into black. He grabbed me and rushed my body out the apartment and into the streets. I hear his voice but only it sounds distant and Distorted. "Anybody, Somebody help me, please my girlfriend slit her throat." He screamed as he rested my body on the nearby road. A small crowd began to form around us. "Someone please help me immediately don't just stand there help me. Why are all of you standing there help me please she's bleeding out." He said as his voice cracked with sadness. I never heard him sound so broken and sad... "Please don't go, Just don't go I can't do this on my own, Please don't go I can't do this on my own please you saved me from the haunting memories That haunt me in the night. I can't live with myself for what you done to yourself." He started to tear up as he put pressure on my wound. I notice him look at his hands with my blood on it then  He saw the blood Rushing out of my neck. "No... Please Lucy stay with me. Be strong please don't worry you'll be ok I promise." He said as he held pressure on my neck again. In a distant came walking a Young Women around her early 20's "I'll help." She said. "Thank you, I called for an Ambulance earlier. They are on their way" he said. "Oh God... Forgive me." I thought to myself As my vision began to get blurry and fade once again. "This doesn't look too good, she's loosing too much blood to keep pressure on the wound and the Ambulance isn't here yet to help her in her condition." The Woman said. He Looked at me once again... His eyes so full of regret, Sadness and Remorse. A part of me believes he thinks it's his fault. It ain't tho... It's mine. I thought as I began to tear up as I looked at him once more. "Please stay awake and don't go!" He shouted as he noticed my eyes were about to shut. In my glossy Brown eyes he gave me one final look of sadness then I closed my eyes as I felt my body become Numb and my heartbeat slow. The pain in my neck was too much to bare I knew my pulse was Decreasing." "Lucy please..." He said. He opened my eyes once more. "Please stay with me." He told me as he started to tear up more. "I'm sorry..." I uttered with a calm voice as my eyes began to fade completely and my body pulse was beginning to disappear. "Don't go!!" He screamed as he broke into tears. He screamed one more time into the sky. He look back down through a blur of tears as the Paramedics came to pick up my Numb body off the road. As the Paramedics lied my body on the Gurney and onto the Ambulance. I gave one more look at him. He broke down crying and curled up to the corner wall by a building then slowly rocked back in forth looking at blood on his hands. My blood, and his wound on his right hand... He looked at the engagement ring with sorrow... I heard him speak but barely made out the words. "I only wanted to make you happy like you made me, Guess I failed you as a Boyfriend." He said as he put the engagement ring back in it's box and in his pocket. I wanted to shout back "You didn't fail as a Boyfriend but I failed you as a Girlfriend." He Looked at the Ambulance and I looked back at him. As the ambulance began driving off with my Body. I could of sworn I heard him speak. I heard him one last time before I blacked out. He said... "I'm sorry."

Story is told by The REAPER


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FYI i still believe My writing skills suck and I need improvement. Give me feedback!!!! Please lol


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