I never thought that this would happen but it did. My body is burnt and I'm laying in a cold room with something on my foot, I cant tell what it is cause I cant move it's almost like sleep paralysis but Its not dark in here a weird dim color. All I remember is being lead into a car with a very attractive man... but where am I now? how did this happen? and why cant I move? Let me start from the beginning "Attention students we have a new student.... why dont you tell everyone your name sir?" Mrs. Colmary said. "hey, I'm dean southlen" he said in almost a mesmerizing voice that had me staring way to long. His hair was a silky black color and his eyes were dark blue like the sky when the suns going down, his body was shaped like it was hand carved as was his face. " Okay, Mr. Southlen you can take a seat beside Ms. Simmons. As she said my last name I slung back into reality. When beside me I felt his stare and i could help but to shift a little as i was uncomfortable. As we walked outta class he handed me a note that said: Hey, I saw you staring at me. Wanna meet up tonight I'll get you at 7 I couldnt help but get scared and excited at the same time as I thought to myself he is picking me up but he doesnt know where I live and it's not like I told him cause he had just moved here. I walked home from school that day in a wondering state of mind. I didnt know what was gonna happen or if I should be scared or not. I mean he is attractive but I dont know him and he knows where I live. 7 o'clock rolled around and so did this beautiful black car. He stepped out of the car and walked up to my door at which he was greeted by my mother. They talked for a minute before I was called to them. He smiled and it was like an angel had birthed this boy. His teeth were so white and his dimples so smooth and placed in the best place, his face was so clean like his skin was made from the best material man could ever find. Anyways as he lead me out the door he grabbed my hand and told me we where going to somewhere special. So I followed along and we ended up at a tree with very pretty red flowers like the color of blood. I didnt know red flowers grew on trees but I loved it. He handed me a water which i noticed the seal was cracked but didnt think anything about it. He then layed down a blanket which wasnt very soft but better then the hard damp ground. I grabbed his hand and that's the moment I realized something wasnt right I started to feel dizzy and his skin was burning hot like a fire or course my imagination is very wild so maybe it wasnt but I remember him getting up and building somthing it was orange and very hot but I cant remember but it was painful to the touch as I would... or should know because he had thrown me in.... in those last moments I didnt know what was going on I know he started laughing as his beautiful with pearly teeth where shining in the light. It was hot where ever I was at but it was also summer. Suddenly I remember the orange hot thing he built was around me. Then BAM... lights out everything's dark.... My body is blistered and in pain I'm laying in a cold room with somthing stringy on my foot I can not move and the lights are dim... I cant hear or feel I can only see as someone pulls a white sheet over my head. I know I'm not dead they never did a last test but I can not speak to tell them I have no voice anymore I can not move to indicate I'm still here.... so they bury me and I'm suffocating. I can not scream I have no voice I can not make a noise I can not move.... someone help me I say but my lips arent moving and there is only a faint blow from my mouth... bye I say as I draw my last breathe.... For another story that may be written at a more reasonable time follow me on Instagram kaffie._.house . This story was started at 3:15 and finished at 4:21 A.M.

Story is told by Kaffie House