I was walking in a forest as usual but there were more trees than usual seen in hitchhiking or just hiking, mountain hiking, climbing and fruit gathers, some tree trunks had words that say "Get Ready", "Can't go back" and "It Hides Underneath" and when I read that sentence out loud I felt the grassy and plain ground shaking violently and superviolent light flashing trough my eyes and I had epilepsy so it was really hard to see, twenty five minutes was what it took to get rid of this violent sensation. Then sound waves vibrated which pushed me down and I could make out these words. "Boo, It Is Near. Get To Safety". It was like it was trying to warn me about a spiritual presence. I escaped and never forgot the following words. And I saw a mysteriously familiar bone in my table. IT HIDES UNDERNEATH.

Story is told by Mesia


This seems scary.