Hello, This story has happened with me: So beware before reading this: This happened with me 3 years ago when I was like 13 years old. During the summer of 2017 my grandfather died because of cancer. He always used to warn me to not look behind when I hear my name called from exactly my behind. Apparently, the neighbour told me that long ago there used to live a woman in this house and she was really happy. But one day there were warning of a mental health patient had escaped from the hospital and has been lurking around the area where she has been living. So after hearing this she locked all the door and windows and went to sleep. After some time she woke up to a thud on the stairs and went to check it and there she heard her name from her back and as she turned around terrified she was stabbed after the second she turned around. As per the legends , she is still roaming to get her next victim and killing them the same she was killed to make her a stronger demon. After the funeral of my grandfather, my grandmother died after 15 days and the reason of death was stabbing and the killer was never found. Whether you believe this story or not, But Let me Give you an Advice , Always remember Not to look back when you hear your name.

Story is told by JustInHere


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This is denfintly interesting... I am not sure what to say cause i aint that good with compliments but the story is good sorry if this comes off sarcastic