Made by: Kags Tobio Title by: KayKay (The Following man: Comment) Have you ever had a thought you think you should do and will do it? Like having to Take out the trash, You thought of that and think if you don't throw it out you're mom will get mad? Those thoughts are just some things whispered to us that we can't get our mind off of. This is a Story about, Akira Myers. She was in College, And She loved Painting, Sadly most people thought her art Was weird. On top of that her behavior as well. Akira was a Quiet person for a Girl in College. She didn't have anyone to talk to since everyone would distance themselves from her. (*Cough* Corona) She didn't really care if people ignored her but she cared about her Work. She would paint whatever Vivid memory she gets and turnes it to art. What made people avoid her was the way her Paintings were made And how her memories were, too Realistic. In the rooftop, a group of girls came to her and Watched her paint, they thought it was interesting until they this one painting Akira made. Akira hummed as she drew the outline and Started painting. "What's that?" a girl Leaned in closer. "The way I die." Akira Whispered. The girls were speechless and slowly went over to the doors leading to the hallway, back into the school grounds. "She's creepy" a girl Whispered and as she went to look at Akira, Akira was staring at them with a smile. "Its not creepy if its going to happen is it?" Akira Asked politely. The girls ran and Told the school to Not talk to her because of her weird imagination. Akira's Roommate POV: "Akira?" "Where are you?" "Are you painting again?" "I swear if paint gets on the floor I will..." She Stood in Horror at the bathroom door wondering if it was paint or the real thing.. "Kira? What are you doing?" She opened the door and Gasped in shock as she saw Akira on the floor, Crying. "Kira?" Akira Looks at her and looks back at her knees. "K-Kira did you d-do this-s?" Her roommate stumbled walking towards her. Is this Blood? She asked herself. What the hell happened to her? "Hey Kira you can tell me anything.." "I want to die!" Akira Yelled. "W-What.." She Asked, Confused and Afraid. "They've been telling me to Die and I decided I should!" Akira Responded. "The Hell's Wrong with you?!" She Grabbed Akira by the shoulders and Shook her. "What goes in my mind, Stays in my mind" she whispered and Plunged scissors into her neck. "KIRA YOU IDIOT!" She tried to Stop Akira from bleeding but it was no use, The cut was to deep and big. "KIRA!" Her voice was heard from the outside and people came running in to see what was happening. "Hey Nance What's-" They all Start to Gasp and Some couldn't help but laugh. "HELP ME!" She screamed out to them. They brought Akira to the Hospital but died 10 days later from a throat injury. Kags: I-- Lost My ideas since I've been on Hiatus for a while ? Sorry if this ain't that scary cause I've been Busy after my Graduation `^` But now I have Free time- Hope to Make more stories! [Comment Some Titles]

Story is told by Kags Tobio

Kags Tobio

Kaykay, Im a little confised of what the title is Sorry but Can you repeat it? ?✌️?


Wow I love what you did with the story!!! Thanks for using my idea Another story title is the hotel again thx love your stories ❤️ and hope to read another story soon "Have a nice day" Kaykay