This story is based off of the movie 'Knowing' but I just twisted up some things. Now, onto the story! 50 years ago.. "Alright class we have chosen who's idea we are going to use!" The kids looked around at eachother. "And the winner is..Mary!" The kids looked in the corner of the room at Mary. "Why her?" One of the kids whispered to the other. "So, she said that she wanted us to draw what we might see in the future. 50 years!" The kids pulled out their paper and got to work. Most of the kids drew pictures. Rocket ships, robots, and more. But Mary had a different thing in mind. She wrote mumbers. Lots of numbers. A few hours later, it was time to finish up the pictures. "Alright class, time to turn in your projects." Mary didn't turn in her numbered paper. The teacher walked to her desk and slowly pulled the paper from underneath the pencil. The teacher inspected the paper. "I thought you said you wanted to draw pictures.." The teacher put the paper in the time capsule. After school.. "Mary?" The staff looked around. Mary was missing. They looked in classrooms. Lockers. Everywhere. But she wasn't found. The teacher heard scratching from under the gym. She headed downstairs and walked towards the closet under the gym. She opened the door. The back of the door was covered in blood and numbers. Mary's fingers were bloody and her fingernails were filed down to nothing. "Please make them stop.." Mary said with fear. "They won't stop talking.." Part 2 coming tomorrow!

Story is told by Iceb


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