Its been a couple years since my best friend disappeared. We were so close but she left me. Im in college now. And I have a new friend. It's a boy just like she had. He's so nice and says that he's my boyfriend. I've never had a boyfriend before. He's mine, all mine. We've been together for a year. I'm so happy with him. I finally understand why she was willing to leave me for him. But he won't leave me. I giggle. I met his parents today and his childhood friend was there. She's pretty. They are really close... I don't like that. He's mine she can't take him away from me... I won't let her. The next day she and I went sight seeing. I took her to see the cliff where i last saw my best friend. I pushed her by mistake. She fell in. I screamed for help and called an ambulance but it was too late she didn't survive. My boyfriend was heartbroken. He cried so much for her. I didn't like that. A couple years later we were married and he said he was going to a week long conference in LA. I was excited for him. But I after a few days I missed him so I decided to give him a surprise visit. When I got to the room he was staying in I found a womans bra on the floor and I could hear sounds coming from the bedroom. He was cheated on me! How dare he! He will pay! I had to teach him a lesson. I grabbed a knife and waited until he left the room. The woman was asleep it made my job so much easier. I made many many slices on her and posed her nicely. She was really beautiful too bad she couldn't see anymore. I put a camera in his room so I could watch his reaction. It was hilarious. He was shocked and screaming. I laughed until i cried. He called the cops and got himself arrested, he was the last one to see her alive and it was his knife that I used. I went to visit him in jail they were stupid and let me into his cell. I told him my story about my best friend and about what I'd done. I showed him the knife I'd used. He was crying and calling for the guards but they were asleep I made sure of that. He screamed as I cut out his tongue. I cut alot of him out actually. I left just as easily as I came in. I cried when the cops told me what happened to him. He left me just like she did! Just like my parents did! Everyone leaves me! It's not fair! Well this time I'm leaving them. Hahahahaha I'm leaving them! I raise my knife to my neck and smile as it slides cleanly across...

Story is told by IceQueen


Thank you so much ✨?


One of the best stories I have read in a long time...

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I love this so much! You're really good at this :D