I need to be alone. I have no peace. It is clearly shown. I need to have some peace, why can't I be alone? I have no time alone. It's driving me insane. I need some time alone. Or it'll go straight to my brain. I will make myself alone. Yes, that will be nice. Excuse me for a second I need to grab the knife. I am almost alone. Just one more left to kill. But I need to dispose my clothes Of the blood spills. I am almost alone. I approach the door. Time for me to finish this. There is only one more. (Ugh there is a glitch where I can't scroll down. ) I am almost alone. I cut of their head. I am almost alone. I kick them under the bed. I am finally alone. No one to bare. The sirens are closing in. But I don't care. I am finally alone. Sadly it took work. I am finally alone. Finally alone. Alone. Alone. A L O N E . I hope you guys enjoyed this creepy poem as much as I enjoyed making it, and even though it's pretty short it took a while. Anyways bye! <3

Story is told by Queen Quacker


Well done

Queen Quacker

Thank you guys! I wouldn't consider myself a poet, but I am good at making poems. I love your support ♥♥♥


This poem is awesome!


Im a poet so I love all kinds of creepy poems and this was one of the best I've read in a long time?