"Hi,I am Natalia Winter and I am 17 years old. My father is a job holder and as the company in which he was working was shifted in Kelvin street at the very south of Riverine city.Thus we had to leave our old house which is 1500 kilometers far from our current house. Now here I am sitting besides my 8 years old brother Nathan inside our car missing my best friend Olivia already while our dad is unloading our luggages.I looked at my brother who was playing with his Superman toy.I looked outside our car's window and saw a girl walking towards our back yard but I couldn't see her face. The house that dad has rented was not too big but not small either.It has a small back yard. I opened the car's door and with quick steps tried to catch her. Who is she? And what was she doing in our house?With thousand of these questions in my mind I tries to catch her.But she was too fast and I eventually had to run towards the way she had walked. But when I reached the back yard I saw nobody. I was at the dead end. I couldn't understand where she had gone. I am sure that there is no other way to leave this house except the front gate.But I am coming from that way and I saw her walking here. Was the girl really here or it was my imagination? I suddenly feel something or somebody touched me.Then I screamed at the top of my lungs losing my consciousness "

Story is told by Dark_angel


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Nice story


This is a good story! You should write more.