``My parents left to go to a party and left me in charge of my sister. She would always beg to stay up late so of course I said yes that has a huge mistake unfortunately. It started to get late maybe around 11p.m somewhere around there my sister was still awake and that's where it hit me... `KNOCK KNOCK` I saw my sister's face light up with fear, She pointed to the door and said `there here to take us away` My heart sunk as I looked at her and then the door I didn't think and ran to the basement as I dragged her I locked the door and I walked back and forth trying to think what I would do everything was a blur after that... `` the police looked at me ``how bout your sister she was dead on the ground while you were laughing like a maniac next to her covered in blood can you explain that sir?`` I giggled a little and said ``they told me too sir I had no choice and your next....``

Story is told by Mid


Its not that good of a story but hey I tried ?