"?... Happy birthday to you? Happy 18th birthday, Katie!" Mr. and Mrs. Edwards gladly greeted their daughter who was by the time crying, melting the mascara off from her eyes down to her tear soaked face. "Don't cry dear," Mr. Edwards consoled her, "You should be glad that your boyfriend, Carl, provided the cake. "Yes, you should be, sweetheart. Carl won't like to see you crying. Alright now, blow the candles!" Mrs. Edwards said excitedly. Katie tried to refuse; but she can't disobey her parents. She can't help to stop crying, but still she leaned ahead towards the table and blew off the flickering flame from the number 18 shaped candle that was sitting upon the chocolate coated and well-garnished decapitated head of her boyfriend, sliced into three partitions with his gaping mouth stuffed with a freshly picked apple.

Story is told by RandomWriter


That's spooky

Shayashta Stallone

That was...I dunno what to say?

Jaded Faddist

That's hell...


I'm sure I'll have a nightmare about it.