"Hi my name is moon i live with my boyfriend and we had a dog by that i mean-well you know what I'll tell". Someone broke out of the Insane Asylum a Insane man who broke into my house and then my dog started barking at him to wake me up,I grabbed my boyfriend's gun and went downstairs and there was blood on the walls and floor i called the cops and told them what happened to me and one of the cops told me that his dog had died too. My boyfriend came back as soon as possible and I told him what happened to him and he said that he was happy that i was safe and sound but we must let kinko sleep for eternity and put him in a safe place... Thats my story! Tell me if you want a part 2 of this! Bye!~ i couldn't think because of my stupid little sister olivia the bratty bratty girl

Story is told by Foxy


Hi i hoped that you liked it