Self esteem. You must know this word. It means how fondly you think of yourself, or how willing you are to motivate yourself. For me, self esteem is something I've been chasing for a long time. I just can't seem to increase it. Oh, I haven't introduced myself. I am Kieran. I spend a lot of time reading, drawing, and trying to motivate myself. So, ##Username##, let's get to the story, shall we? I woke up alone in my house. My parents were off on a trip. I got up and got dressed, then headed downstairs for breakfast. My life was pretty boring, as you can obviously tell. I started playing on the PC my parents got me for christmas last year. I loved to look for new horror games. I was into horror. Let us fast forward to nighttime where the interesting stuff happens. I noticed that it was getting dark. I put on a sweater and walked outside. Every single night, I go outside to do my hobbies. It's the only thing I can motivate myself to do. The first hobby is stargazing, or just staring at the night sky. I can do something that I find funny. I will lie down on the grass and stare up at the sky, not blinking. I am really good at staring at things. Often a person will come over and ask if I'm okay. Then I pull out my cleaver and slice off their head! Did you seriously think that I would like stargazing? My hobby is murder. The sweet sound of their screams as I slice their heads off. The way they turn pale as I pull out the cleaver. It never gets old. It is the only thing I can motivate myself to do. Oh, I motivated myself enough to do something else, too. I found your address. I think I'll come visit you! =) Sorry I haven't done a story in a long time, it's hard to get ideas in these times of utter boredom. See you in the next story!

Story is told by Queen Quacker

Queen Quacker

Thank you! ♥


Wow that was really creepy and you have talent but I think you jumped a little to quickly from normal to killer the main fear and suspense comes from the anticipation and development of the characters but I think you did well?

Queen Quacker

Thanks, I'm not entirely proud of it myself though. <>~<>


Woah that was scary! Keep it up!